Pingates Computer Technology: Writing articles by earn money
Writing articles by earn money লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান
Writing articles by earn money লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান

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Writing articles by earn money

You must have heard about earning cash by advertising on your sites, earning by offering links or space on your websites or blogs or by affiliate marketing etc. Here is another way to earn money by writing some posts or articles. This is still an easy way of earning online if you have the ability to write something for someone but the question is, where to find that someone’? This question is answered now… pays you by writing some articles for them. If you are an old blogger for at least 90 days then you can join this website easily. There are also some other requirements of their program which you can follow by visiting the website. The people on that website can offer a link back to an article or a topic about what they want you to write about. If you get the opportunity from that person then start writing about the topic in your blog and give a link back to pay per post network. After a thorough examination of your post they will decide if your post should be accepted or not. If the post is accepted then keep it in your blog for one month to get the payment. You can also choose the option of topic to make it relevant to yours blog or website’s contents.
This website has only one of payment method i.e. “PayPal” that’s why some people whose country is not included in the PayPal list cant use this great website but this service is great for the people who have Paypal account having the ability of writing about a topic or a product.