Pingates Computer Technology: How to write effective article and posts

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How to write effective article and posts

1. Elaborate your purpose and opinions
Blogs are human created and the visitors are usually common people just like you. Make your purpose and ideas clear cut to your visitors in order to get their maximum attention with minimum words.

2. Give links
Give the links in your posts about the similar topic in the sense of supporting your posts efficiently.

3. Do not write long stories
Do not tell your visitors the long stories with a result but having a result with a story is a good way to go. Deliver maximum with minimum words.

4. 200 words are enough
You can easily explain your idea in 200 words. So don’t make long and boring posts.

5. Summarize your posts
Give a clear theme of your posts in the title that exactly show the contents of your post.

6. Make outlines
Give the outline of your post by including small points at the top of the post.

7. Include sub headings
Make paragraphs of your post and give suitable sub headings.

8. Don’t change your communicating style
Returning visitors are addicted to your way of communicating so doesn’t change it.

What keyword you would search when you want to get the similar post that you are going to publish? Think and put that keyword in the title of your post.

10. Final look
Check your post at the end for any unnecessary sentence or grammar mistake.

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