Pingates Computer Technology: Tips for get new site indexed
Tips for get new site indexed লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান
Tips for get new site indexed লেবেলটি সহ পোস্টগুলি দেখানো হচ্ছে৷ সকল পোস্ট দেখান

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Tips for get new site indexed

After making a new blog or website, the problem is to get the site indexed in search engines. Usually Google takes a week to get the new site indexed but it may take longer that expected. Many new bloggers and webmasters make some mistakes after making site in sense of search indexing. Read the points below and sort out your blunders.

1. Frequent changing of perm links

Don’t change your posts’ perm links again and again. It disturbs your sitemap and search engines face difficulty in indexing your site and sometimes it results in removal of site from searches. Keep your perm links static and if you want some SEO then change your perm links to posts titles instead of posts numbers. In Blogger blogs, its set to posts titles by default but in Wordpress blog, you have o change it from settings.

2. Making all the posts at the same time

This is the biggest mistake that most of the people make while making a new site having posts already written. Upload 1 or 2 posts daily in a regular manner. This will result in getting indexed in a short time and also in higher rankings.

3. Deleting and creating same posts

Sometimes the bloggers delete the posts and then republish them at different date. This impacts badly on search engine indexing and extends the time of getting indexed.

4. Changing site and posts titles again and again

Titles of posts or of site should be chosen carefully and must not be changed again and again. Keeping the titles static, indexes the site easily.

5. No sitemaps

New bloggers and webmasters do not know about the importance of sitemaps. these are for letting search engines know about the contents of your site and if you submit your sitemap then most of the posts are indexed in shorter time.
I hope if you will not make the above mistakes, you will get your site indexed with in a week. Another thing that greatly impacts on indexing is having back links from some famous and already indexed site.

Good luck!